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Choosing the Right Dog Daycare

There were numerous articles discussed deciding on the best Dog Daycare for your pet. Nonetheless it is such an important decision because your dog is part of your loved ones. Consider everything we look at whenever choosing the right daycare for our children. A similar thing should be said about daycare for our dogs. A couple of somethings that every daycare must have, and there are a few things that really tend to be more about your pet, and not necessarily about the daycare. At Dogtopia have some strong opinions in what is right for dogs, and we’ve built our facilities around them.

Transparency – What is actually taking place behind those doors once you drop your pet off. It’s unrealistic so that you can have the ability to head into the playrooms while the room is filled with dogs. That creates an unsafe environment. However, there a wide range of technical solutions such as webcams that makes it possible for us to peak behind the scenes at a puppy daycare. But transparency goes beyond that. In case a dog goes house with a scratch, did the daycare let you know why? Is usually a daycare putting profits ahead of the physical condition of your pet? If you wish to understand what is happening with your dog, the daycare can tell you. Visit:

Separation of Dogs – Proper separation of dogs by size and temperament is the most important safety measure a daycare may take. It is not safe for a toy poodle to maintain the same pack as an extremely large dog. Daycares can do their absolute best to get to know every one of the dogs in their care. However, in a pack environment with a lot occurring, prey drive can appear in even the most gentle of dogs. Separation should be with a solid wall to get rid of things such as fence aggression. Temperament is just as important as size. An older dog might not like all the hyper puppies running around.

Evaluations – daycare is not for each dog. The clear case is your dog with aggression issues. An aggressive dog obviously should not be within an open play environment. However the same can be said for an extremely shy and nervous dog. A nervous dog might be better off at home independently bed than scared of joining an open play environment. A daycare must do an evaluation of each dog no matter what size or small, how young or old. The analysis is a great way to access know your dog and ensure a safe and happy playroom packed with dogs.

But there are things to consider that are specific to certain dogs.

Climate Control – will your chihuahua be too cold, or your husky too hot? If there is no climate control, maybe.

To crate or never to crate – dogs are denning animals and it’s natural to allow them to be crated. Does your dog need some downtime throughout the day? some dogs need time each day when they may take a rest from the pack. The safest and easiest way is by using a crate. If your pet cannot go ahead a crate, is there alternatives like larger suites or private rooms. Most dogs just can’t play non-stop for 8 hours and do desire a break occasionally.

The daycare’s philosophy – Not absolutely all daycares share the same philosophy. The daycare should match your own. Dogtopia uses positive reinforcement when working with the dogs.

Knowing your dog and their personality is most likely the most crucial part of deciding which daycare to bring your pet to.